Contactless record keeping for all organisations.

Helping to ensure the safety and health of your patrons through simple non-invasive technology.

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What is Sign in Safe?

Sign in Safe is a web-based application that allows patrons to your site to scan a QR code as they enter your premises.

The application logs their name and phone number as well as the date and time of entry and exit.

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Who can use Sign in Safe?

Sign in safe can be used for churches, restaurants, retail stores and many more! Simply set up as many sites as you need and display the entry and exit codes as each point of entry.

There is no hardware needed! Your patrons use their own mobile phones ensuring contactless sign in, and a simple, low cost, and reliable solution for your organisation.

How does it work?

Sign up and register the site for your organisation

You’ll receive your unique ‘In’ and ‘Out’ QR codes to print out

Display codes at every entry and exit point(s) at your site

Patrons scan the QR code upon entry and exit of your premises

Names, contact numbers, date and time will be recorded

When you approach a venue, you'll notice a Sign In poster

Open your phone camera

Hold your camera over the QR code on the Sign In poster

Follow the link to our website

Register with your name and a contact number

Hooray, you're in! It's that simple.

When you leave a venue, you'll notice a Sign Out poster

Open your phone camera

Hold your camera over the QR code on the Sign Out poster

Follow the link to our website

Horray, your out! It's that easy.

Why use Sign in Safe?



Instantly see how many patrons are signed in on site at any time to ensure you are adhering to government legislation.


Health & Safety

Identify when any unwell person entered your premises, and who else was on the premises at that time.



Sign in Safe makes it easy to contact all those who have signed in and visited your organisation.


$19 / month*

Or $199 / year

What you'll recieve:

  • One site
  • Posters with custom QR codes
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Manual Sign ins
  • Family sign in feature

* There will be an initial $30 setup cost when choosing per month

Frequently asked questions

You can register or login to your Sign in Safe account here.

Absolutely not! Our platform only ever shares the name and phone number you have listed with us. While you can see a history of the ‘sites’ you have signed into, there is no location data from your phone that has been transferred.

We will only share your name and contact number with organisations you choose to sign in at. We will never pass on your details to third parties. Organisations agree to terms and conditions of use with the data provided. They will only use it to contact you as needed! You are not agreeing to marketing calls from these sites as part of this platform!

Absolutely! You can set it up so there is a site for every meeting space in your organisation if you like. If you are a large multisite location, you can contact us for a multisite discount.

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